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We bring the best of Armenia to Expo Dubai 2020



Expo Road, Dubai South, Jebel Ali and Dubai, United Arab Emirates Pavilion, OR04-B


Arts developed in Armenia from time immemorial. Armenian culture and history are perhaps best presented by the extraordinary architecture, cross-stones of fascinating beauty, and richly decorated miniature paintings. Rich lacework, silverware, and hand-weaved carpets are just a few to mention. The invention of the Armenian alphabet in the 5th century AD enabled the advancement of Armenian literature, while Armenian music evolving throughout centuries, was remarkably consolidated by the great master Komitas.


Since ancient times Armenians had considerable contribution in science: astronomy, law, philosophy, history, etc. The findings of archeological excavations of the Urartian period testify to the advanced level of medical studies in ancient Armenia. Presently the National Academy of Sciences, founded in 1943, is engaged in research of universal significance in the fields of astrophysics, IT, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology. A number of educational centers, such as the TUMO Center for Creative Technologies, COAF Smart Center, and Armath Labs provide free education in engineering, IT, and web design.


Armenia’s mountainous terrain provides great opportunities for skiing and rock climbing. Among various sports practiced, soccer is yet the most popular one. Wrestling, weightlifting, judo, boxing, and chess also have many fans. Three times throughout the history of the Chess Olympiad Armenia’s men’s chess team came out a winner, thus becoming the 5th most successful national team globally. Along with impressive achievements in chess, Armenia has had numerous victories in weightlifting and wrestling world competitions.


Armenia has much to offer: rich historical heritage, picturesque nature, astonishing landscapes, and ancient monasteries. Snowy mountains are an amazing place for mountaineering, camping and hiking. Forbes listed Armenia among 2019’s top budget travel destinations, while CNN placed Armenia’s capital Yerevan in the top 20 most beautiful European cities. The vibrant capital one can find unique wineries, traditional restaurants, impressive museums, singing fountains and street fairs offering an incredible choice of handicrafts and local produce.


Armenia is famous for its delicious organic products, sun-kissed fruits and vegetables. Among local dishes, one can find dolma, khorovats, as well as a dazzling variety of locally produced cheese to be savored with flatbread lavash. Armenian brandy is in high esteem among connoisseurs of luxury beverages. For valuers of quality wine, Armenia offers annual wine festivals, where one can relish wines made from various types of grapes and different fruits.